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St. Francis of Bellingham
3121 Squalicum Pkwy
Bellingham, WA 98225


St. Francis of Bellingham Testimonials

Here are a few experiences that residents of St. Francis of Bellingham have shared with us…

To all the wonderful people at St. Francis: 

My dad came to St. Francis and was with you until he passed away. I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for us, and the grace with which you did it. You were all so kind to us and to him during his stay. Every single person we encountered was cheerful and positive and friendly and caring and so very helpful – and very skilled at their particular job. 

Some of you did my dad’s laundry and kept his room spotless. Some of you took care of his urgent and very challenging personal needs. Some of you gave him speech or occupational or physical therapy. Some of you were his nurses and nurse assistants and doctor and physician’s assistant, always available, always ready to answer our questions, always providing him with the very best care, with kindness and courtesy and respect for him as a person and as your patient. 

Some of you dressed him and made sure he had the best chance possible to eat successfully. Some of you kept him company. Some of you – social workers, receptionists, clerks, volunteers supported us so we could support him.

One of you had to make the call to us that he’d passed away. One of you met us as we arrived to sit with him after his death. Some of you prepared him and us for that last visit, in the most dignified and respectful way. 

I miss my dad very much. Today is his birthday -and I would’ve prepared his favorite foods and baked him a cake. I needed to keep busy, so I decided to honor him by bringing some treats to you. There are three separate batches, one for the people who come to work early in the morning, one for the people who come to work in the afternoon, and one for the people who work all night. 

I did not make the cupcakes. I don’t do those very well, so I turned to my favorite expert for help. But I did make the cookies. As I baked them, I thought about how grateful I am to all of you for helping me make the best of this difficult time. You pulled me through. 

I hope you enjoy the treats, and I hope you will know how much I thank you for your compassion, your expertise, your professionalism, and your kindness. 

You’re just the best.


On behalf of the family of my mother, thank you so much for attending to my mother over the past 2 and a half months. Your kindness and hard work was very much appreciated. A special thank you to Amanda, in the B wing when she first arrived, and her crew, and Penny and her staff in the A wing when she was moved there. Sue, your heart felt encourgement was great. And Grandma Mary, who greeted me almost every day, and the front desk gals. Whoop’s and you too  Margaret. Thanks to all. from the bottom of my heart. Marty K.

“The nurses and staff were wonderful. They were very caring and I felt at ease while there. My stay at St. Francis was pleasant and had excellent care. I will highly recommend St. Francis.”

“If I ever need the services of a place like St. Francis I hope its there. I had excellent care while there. Everyone was friendly, caring & truly wanted to help. The food was good & it was a clean place.” 

“I was truly pleased with my care at St. Francis. All employees were compassionate, caring, patient, and efficient. I was and am most grateful! Thank you!”

“The staff is first rate. The residence is very clean and pleasant. The staff is so helpful. I was treated with respect. I have nothing but excellent memories and high praise for your staff (including the cooks- who provided very appetizing meals). Thank you!”