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St. Francis of Bellingham
3121 Squalicum Pkwy
Bellingham, WA 98225


Volunteering with Seniors in Bellingham

The St. Francis Volunteer Program is an integral part of fulfilling the mission of St. Francis of Bellingham – To Enhance the Life of Every Person We Serve.Lanphier Associates job 984, AVA003 at Hillsboro Rehab, Hillsbor

Volunteers enhance the lives of our residents in many ways:

  • through one-on-one visits,
  • sharing music and other entertainment acts
  • providing worship and ministry
  • recreation outlets
  • floral arrangers
  • gift shop clerks
  • pet therapy visitors
  • maintaining bird feeders
  • serving as St. Francis Foundation Board members
  • student interns
  • and in countless other ways!

We love the fact that our volunteers bring the community to Avamere St. Francis of Bellingham! If you know of a choir, a dance group, or anyone interested in contributing to life at our building, please give Sally Majkut, our volunteer coordinator, a call at 360-734-6760.